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Kids learn to speak best from familiar voices. Record your own voice to beautifully designed flash cards and help your kids learn new words in a fun way.

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Rabbit Hole helps parents record their own voice to visual flash cards. Words can be recorded in any language, helping kids of all ages learn words from a voice they trust - yours. Use pre-selected card collections or create your own packs. Rabbit Hole is a fun way for your kids to learn words. Oh, and there is solid science behind our idea!

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We are constantly adding new card designs for your children to enjoy. Start with our pre-selected collection of cards, you will also be rewarded with special edition cards for sharing content. New original card designs appear under Packs when they become available, so check back from time to time to retrieve our latest collection of beautiful designs for your kids to enjoy.

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“Five stars from our family! My little ones are learning new words much quicker than before.”
David T.
Father of 3 kids
“The designs are so cute. My kids can’t stop playing with the cards.”
Sarah K.
Mom of 2 kids
Appstore - Rabbit Hole App
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